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Hello everyone I’m Natalie, the owner of The Wedding Nanny.

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a nanny, my loving and caring nature needed an outlet and Nannying was the perfect career path for me. Being part of a child's life and helping them grow is an incredible feeling and I have gained so many additional skills over the years.

I decided to start Private Nanny in 2016. I wanted to work with children but didn’t like the restraints of a nursery or school environment. Sometimes life doesn’t fit to a schedule and I wanted to be able to provide a service that was flexible and fitted easily into a family's day to day life.

This then grew and I decided to take on an extra pair of hands. Welcome Nanny Laura.

Laura joined me in 2021. Laura has been working with children for over 10 years. She started her career working within a nursery setting but quickly realised, like me, she wanted to leave the nursery environment and work one-to-one with families. 

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Nanny Laura Newstead Abbey


Lead Nanny

"I have always had a passion for child development, I quickly found myself wanting to work with children and families on a one to one basis which is where my dedication to my role as a private nanny became apparent. I am able to be a huge part of many families and witness the growth and development of the children first hand, it's simply the most rewarding experience."

Together our portfolio of families grew and along the way we had the pleasure of being nannies at weddings for some of our regular families, thus in 2021 The Wedding Nanny was born.

We have established that some couples decide to start a family before they tie the knot, so with our experience and hunger for something different we knew we could help make a difference to what already can be a stressful day.

To date we have experienced some beautiful weddings, throughout the UK. We can now confidently say that we can provide you and your children with the best quality service for your wedding day.

As we started to grow with demand, I knew it was time to find someone who could help us keep on top of all the “behind the scenes” administration requirements that we were now finding difficult to fulfil, welcome Gemma.

I have known Gemma since we went to school together, which will now be over 15 years ago. Gemma was looking for a change after working in an office environment since she was 18. With her experience, reliability and efficiency, I knew she would be a great fit for us. She decided to join our small but mighty team in 2022.

Gemma, The Wedding Nanny, Newstead Abbey


Personal Wedding Childcare Coordinator

"My name is Gemma, I work behind the scenes at The Wedding Nanny. I will be your first point of contact and will assist you through any questions and enquiries. Childcare can often be overlooked in the whirlwind of planning a wedding, yet it is one of the most important decisions to make. I am here to make the process as easy as possible, implementing and adapting your requirements along the way."

Gemma is who you will make contact with first, she is the best person to support you through deciding what works for you and your family on the most special day of your life.

We are very proud of the service we provide and what we have achieved together as a team. And as we continue to grow we still get excited for each and every wedding that we're a part of. The Wedding Nanny is not just a service; it's a promise and a commitment to making your wedding day not only magical for you but also for your children. Join us in celebrating the beauty of family, growth, and the unforgettable moments that make your wedding day truly extraordinary.

Natalie, Laura and Gemma x


Our philosophy is simple: we're here to support your family, like a third parent. We bring warmth, professionalism, and a strong commitment to making your wedding day stress-free. Our main goal is to make sure your special day goes smoothly, taking care of all childcare needs with care and expertise.


We're experienced in home-based childcare, so we understand your family's unique needs. We're not just babysitters; we're trusted partners who genuinely love and care for your children.

We're proud of our high standards. We're registered with Ofsted, have DBS clearance, and are trained in paediatric first aid. Plus, we have comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. We believe childcare should be top-notch and filled with love, letting you enjoy every moment of your wedding day without worry.

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